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Why You Need To Call A Professional Crime Scene Cleaner In The Denver Area

Why You Need to Call a Professional Crime Scene Cleaner in the Denver Area

While violent crimes and accidents don’t happen frequently to everyone, they do around the world. Nobody plans to discover them on their property; however, few take the necessary steps to keep themselves safe or clean up the mess when they do happen.

Upon discovering the scene of a violent crime or accident, one must call the authorities right away to start an investigation. This should be followed by a call to a crime scene cleaning service like ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration. A professional crime scene cleaner should always be called to prevent the blood, biohazards, and organic tissue from spreading disease and infection to those living on the property as well as destroying the building materials and furnishings.

When discovering a scene of a crime or accident, one must call the authorities right away

A crime scene cleaning service should always be called after the following occurrences:

  1. After Suicide or Homicide

It can be traumatic to discover a homicide or suicide in your home, but it’s also dangerous and messy. The blood and organic tissue from the accident will quickly spread and contaminate the surrounding building materials and furnishings, including the walls, floors, and furniture.

While often required, law enforcement and investigators will use tear gas and/or forensic chemicals that are hazardous to your health and can worsen the damage to the property. Products used by crime scene cleaning professionals can effectively remove the remains of the biohazards and chemicals to restore a safe and clean space.

  1. Unattended Death

It is common for deaths to be discovered days after they happened. While bodies start decomposition quickly, they can go unnoticed for as long as several months. This will result in dangerous bacteria, stains, and odors that should only be handled by professionals.

  1. Presence of Communicable Diseases

Various diseases like C. diff, Salmonella, and Hepatitis B can be life threatening. If there was an incident involving a serious illness, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to have your property professionally decontaminated.

When calling ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration, we will take all steps necessary to keep all employees and families safe during and after the cleaning process. Our technicians are licensed and trained to use PPE and advanced equipment to protect themselves while handling the biohazards. They also follow all local, state, and federal regulations during the cleaning process and disposal of the biohazards into a licensed medical waste facility.

  1. Industrial Areas

Especially for industrial properties, accidents involve biohazards that put everyone in danger. But a professional crime scene cleaner will follow all necessary steps to contain and disinfect the contaminated area and properly dispose of the biohazards.

Risks Associated with Crime Scenes

Within the blood and organic tissue involved in crime scenes, numerous bacteria, viruses and pathogens are swarming. Everything including hepatitis, HIV and more can spread, especially to victims with open wounds. When using improper cleanup methods, exposure to these diseases can even be life-threatening.

Aside from the bacteria within the biohazards themselves, the air can also be contaminated, endangering anyone not wearing PPE. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have established universal precautions of which the professionals must follow when performing the cleanup.

While many bacteria die over time, crime scenes will always be dangerous if not cleaned up properly. So, if any areas are missed or bacteria remains, everyone’s health is at risk.

Why Crime Scene Cleanup Must Happen Right Away

A crime scene must be disinfected and cleaned right away to prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses and of course illnesses and diseases. As soon as law enforcement has collected all necessary evidence, the professionals must start working immediately.

Quick cleanup will also allow for a more efficient recovery for the victim’s loved ones. Discovering a trauma scene involving a family member or friend can be overwhelming but removing the biohazards like the blood and bodily fluids can ease the emotional pain.

A quick cleanup will also keep away common pests that are attracted to the smell of blood. Building materials also won’t face permanent damage and can be restored to their original condition.

Qualified professionals use eco-friendly cleaning products to fully eliminate all bacteria

What Makes Professionals Qualified to Perform Crime Scene Cleanup

When handled improperly, the risk of spreading infections, disease and permanent damage is always present. Those performing the improper cleanup are also putting themselves at risk in the process.

Those who are qualified will first always wear PPE equipment, including a respirator or masks, lined uniform, goggles, and disposable gloves. They will also follow all OSHA and CDC regulations along with the training required to perform the job.

Qualified professionals will also use hospital-grade, eco-friendly, and EPA-registered cleaning products to fully eliminate all bacteria after removing the biohazards. All remaining odors are then removed using ozone and/or hydroxyl technology, penetrating the odor particle, and eliminating it from the inside.

Finally, these professionals understand families are grieving after a traumatic accident or death involving their loved one. They always work discreetly and efficiently to avoid any disruptions while working with the insurance company to allow the loved ones to focus on personal matters.

Hire a Professional Crime Scene Cleaner

Encountering the scene of a traumatic accident or death on your property can be one of the most overwhelming moments of your life. But it is in moments like these where avoiding all contact with the affected area is absolutely crucial. To prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens and diseases within the biohazards, contact a professional crime scene cleaning service.

For those living in the Denver, CO area, ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration is available 24/7 to respond to these emergencies. Since 1989, our technicians have been responding to emergencies of all types, especially crime scenes.

Using PPE, advanced cleaners, and odor-removing technology, we will ensure a smooth and effective cleaning service to restore your property to a safe and healthy condition. Allow us to focus on the cleanup so you can focus on personal matters.

Available 24/7

Give us a call at 303-791-6000 for professional crime scene cleaning services in the Denver Metro Area and Elbert County.

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