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Property fires are among the most dangerous natural disasters and sometimes the most damaging, depending on how far the flames and smoke spread. But while the flames cause immediate damage within the home or building, it doesn’t stop here. The smoke and soot produced from the combustion of building materials will spread throughout the remainder of the property and cause secondary damage.

While restoration services must be called immediately due to the risk that the building could collapse at any minute, the smoke and soot damage will become permanent on the affected surfaces if it’s not removed right away.

ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration is available 24/7 in Centennial and Highlands Ranch, CO to provide fire damage restoration for homes and buildings. Our technicians are each licensed and trained to handle these emergencies, responding right away to save the building materials and content that face the highest risk of damage. We will also take measures to prevent the smoke and soot from spreading to save additional time during the restoration process.

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Damage from Fire and Smoke

Followed by the flames, smoke and soot byproducts of the fire will cause secondary damage to the affected surfaces. As it spreads, surfaces unaffected by the fire face the risk of etching and tarnishing if they come into contact with smoke and/or soot. These byproducts also have the ability to pass through walls to affect additional materials.

ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration is available 24/7 to respond to fire damage emergencies. We ensure to arrive right away on the property, stabilize the structure, and restore all affected surfaces and content. Our technicians will also conduct pre-cleaning to the surfaces and objects that face the highest risk of permanent damage.

ServiceMaster Restore knows what to do next. Professional Fire Damage Restoration in Centennial and Highlands Ranch, CO

Our fire damage restoration services include each of the following:

  • Structural repairs and deep cleaning: As soon as ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration arrives on your property, we will immediately stabilize the structure and conduct pre-cleaning to allow for an efficient restoration process while saving your building materials and content from permanent damage.
  • Content restoration and pack outs: For content that cannot be cleaned onsite, they will be packed and delivered to our facility for deep cleaning. They will remain in storage and be delivered back to your property once the restoration process on it is complete.
  • Smoke and soot removal: Our technicians ensure to use advanced cleaning products to conduct a deep cleaning and remove all smoke and soot byproducts from the affected surfaces, including furniture, upholstery, brass, tile, marble, aluminum, porcelain, and more.
  • Odor removal: After the restoration process, our professionals will remove the final smoke odor particles that have become stuck within the walls, floors, and furnishings using advanced deodorizing technology.

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For emergency fire damage restoration in Centennial and Highlands Ranch, CO, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration at (303) 791-6000.

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