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Mold spores are a natural presence in the air, but too much in one place can be dangerous for everyone in the home. They always accumulate within areas containing high moisture content, building colonies on surrounding surfaces. This includes your home or building as it may contain excess moisture in the event of water damage or poor air circulation. While mold can grow in almost any area with high amounts of moisture, porous materials like wood, drywall, and carpeting face the highest risk of damage.

Never hesitate to call a mold removal professional when you find mold on your property, especially when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration is available in Centennial and Highlands Ranch, CO to provide mold removal for homes and businesses. Our licensed and trained technicians ensure to prevent the mold from spreading while taking steps to remove it from all affected spaces using advanced methods.

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Areas with Accumulated Moisture

Mold can cause significant damage to building materials and content because it consumes the cellulose contained within modern building materials. This includes drywall, insulation, wood flooring, ceiling tile, and more. When allowed to grow, the mold colony disperses its spores which leads to mold growth in new areas.

It’s these spores that trigger a number of health issues for everyone living on the property, especially those with compromised immune systems. Reactions like itchy eyes and throat, skin irritation, nasal congestion, headaches, and sneezing are all common when responding to mold. But long-term exposure can include respiratory infections and asthma.

ServiceMaster Restore knows what to do next. Professional Mold Removal in Centennial and Highlands Ranch, CO

Preventing Mold

The best way to deal with mold is to prevent it, which means keeping moisture levels to a minimum. The fungus thrives in humid conditions, which means the areas facing the highest risk include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, crawlspaces, and attics. The best way to prevent mold is to maintain air circulation throughout these spaces as well as wiping up spills as soon as they occur.

Licensed Mold Remediation

When finding mold, it should never be removed as a DIY project. Especially if it has grown over 10 feet, home remedies won’t be enough to remove it. In fact, it may even spread further as a defense reaction, risking a number of health issues along the way. The best action to take is to contact environmental testing services to conduct mold testing, followed by a remediation contractor.

Our mold removal services include each of the following:

  • Identifying all areas of mold growth as well as extent of the damage
  • Creating a report for the insurance adjuster
  • Containing the mold within the affected space
  • Creating a mold removal plan according to our evaluation and mold testing
  • Professional mold removal using advanced products and equipment

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For a free estimate on mold removal services in Centennial or Highlands Ranch, CO, contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration at (303) 791-6000.

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