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Unfortunately, violent crimes are an everyday occurrence in the U.S. and while the odds of a violent crime occurring on your property are low, you still need to know how to react if it does happen.  The scene of a violent crime is not only traumatizing, but also dangerous as blood and other bodily fluids, as well as dangerous objects, are left on the scene.  If a violent crime occurs on your property, you need to call law enforcement and EMTs right away.  After these officials respond, it is up to you to make sure your property is cleaned and disinfected.  For this you need to call a licensed professional to ensure a safe and effective cleanup.

At ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration, we provide crime scene cleaning in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas.  Our professionals can safely remove biohazard materials like blood from the scene and thoroughly disinfect the affected area so it is safe.  We also work with law enforcement to ensure that we do not interfere with the crime scene investigation.

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Professional Crime Scene Cleaning

Violent crime scenes in which a death or serious injury has taken place are very dangerous.  The presence of blood and other bodily fluids is a threat to your health as these biohazard materials may contain harmful pathogens that can spread infection and disease.  It is very important for these dangerous materials to be cleaned up properly and disposed of in a safe, legal manner.  Make sure you stay clear of a crime scene to avoid contact with dangerous biohazard materials and tampering with the scene before law enforcement can investigate.

Our professionals are trained and equipped to handle the cleanup and restoration of a violent crime scene.  We follow all legal regulations and protocols to ensure that the scene is restored to a safe condition after law enforcement has completed their investigation.  All biohazard materials will be removed and disposed of safely and we will complete our work diligently and in a discreet manner.  We also understand the difficulty of such a situation and we will always approach those who are grieving with compassion and respect.

Our crime scene cleaning services consist of the following steps:

  • Proper disposal: We will remove blood and other bodily fluids from the scene and dispose of them properly.
  • Decontamination: Once the biohazard materials are removed, we will clean and disinfect the affected areas to make them safe again.
  • Deodorization: We can effectively remove any odors using advanced deodorization techniques.
  • Continuous monitoring: We will work diligently and discreetly and communicate with you through the entire process.
  • Insurance assistance: We can help with your claim by working with your insurance provider.
  • Family assistance and support: Losing a loved one to a violent crime is an overwhelming experience. Our technicians will treat those who are grieving with compassion and respect and we can refer you to a counseling professional if necessary.
  • Certified technicians: Our technicians are trained and certified to clean up crime scenes and we use advanced equipment and cleaning products while following all government regulations.

After alerting the proper authorities, you need to call our professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration to safely and effectively clean the scene of a violent crime.  We are available 24 hours a day to provide crime scene cleanup in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas.  You can reach us at (303) 791-6000.

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