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When someone walks into the kitchen, checking the refrigerator is usually the first thing they do.  There is no doubt that the fridge is an important home appliance as it is used to store perishable food items and drinks.  Refrigerators can last for about 10 to 12 years on average but like any other appliance, you may encounter problems with it over time.  One of the most common problems with refrigerators is leaking which can be caused by a blocked defrost drain or water supply line.  If the refrigerator leak is not noticed right away, it can cause water damage to the surrounding areas that needs to be restored by a professional.

ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration provides leaking refrigerator water damage cleanup in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians can remove the water that pooled up around the refrigerator and restore the damage to the walls and flooring.  If a refrigerator leak has caused damage in your kitchen, call us immediately to help limit the damage.

Refrigerator Leaks

Leaking from a refrigerator can result in a significant amount of water puddling up on your kitchen floor.  Without quick action, this water will spread and get absorbed in the surrounding flooring and walls, leading to damage of the affected materials and increasing the risk of mold growth.

A refrigerator leak is usually caused by one of the following issues:

  • Blocked defrost drain: This is a common cause of refrigerator leaks as food particles and other debris can clog the defrost drain hose. When this happens, ice may build up and water will leak from the refrigerator and freezer.  You can fix this problem by flushing the drain hose or using an object such as a straightened coat hanger to remove the clog.  You may also have to remove and clean the defrost drain hose valve if it is clogged with debris.
  • Clogged or frozen water supply line: If your refrigerator has an ice maker and water dispenser, a leak may occur if the water supply line becomes frozen or clogged. When this happens, unplug the fridge, and shut off the water supply.  Check the supply line hose for clogs or damage and if the hose is damaged, it can be replaced easily.  If there is a clog, you may need to call a professional to remove it.
Leaking Refrigerator Water Damage Cleanup in Denver, CO
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Water Damage Cleanup for Refrigerator Leaks

Refrigerators can leak a decent amount of water in your kitchen, especially if you do not notice the leak right away.  If the water has caused damage to the surrounding building materials in the flooring or walls, soak up the water and call our water damage restoration professionals.  Allowing the water to sit and spread will increase the damage as well as the risk of mold growth.

Our professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration provide comprehensive water damage restoration services in which we will remove the water and restore the damage to the affected materials.  We will make sure all the water around your refrigerator is removed and we can also provide mold removal if necessary.

Our water damage restoration professionals will do the following:

  • Contain the water to limit the damage
  • Remove excess water and dry the affected materials
  • Repair and restoration of damaged materials
  • Mold removal if needed

Call ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration

You need to react quickly to a leak from your refrigerator before it causes serious damage or mold growth.  Our professionals will remove the water immediately and restore the damage to prevent further problems in your kitchen.  You can reach ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration 24 hours a day by calling (303) 791-6000 for leaking refrigerator water damage restoration in Denver, CO.

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