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The washing machine is an important appliance in homes as people need a way to wash their clothes.  A good washing machine can last about 10 years but at any point during its life, it could experience problems that result in water damage.  There are multiple problems that can cause washing machines to leak and because of the amount of water they use, these leaks can be significant.  If you notice a leak coming from your washing machine, you need to call a professional to diagnose and repair the damage to the appliance, as well as a water damage restoration professional.

At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration, we provide leaking washing machine water damage cleanup to restore water damage caused by these leaks in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas.  Our technicians will remove water that has leaked from the washing machine and repair the damage to the flooring and surrounding areas.  Washing machines can leak a lot of water so make sure you call us right away if such a leak occurs.

Leaking Washing Machine Water Damage Cleanup Denver CO
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Washing Machine Leaks

Leaks from a washing machine can involve a lot of water which means that this water can spread quicky to the surrounding areas and cause damage.  The flooring, walls, and other materials surrounding your washing machine will absorb water from the leak which could lead to structural damage.  The affected areas are also vulnerable to mold growth.

The following are the top causes of leaks in top-loading and front-loading washing machines:

Top-Load Washing Machines

Leaks in the front of the washing machine may be caused by the following:

  • Clogged or tilted overflow tube: Using too much detergent can result in excess suds that can clog the overflow tube. This is common in homes that use a water softener as you should use less detergent in softened water.
  • Overloading: Leaks are common if you overload your washer or if the washer gets out of balance. You should keep your loads to a reasonable size and make sure your washing machine is level.
  • Spray rinse function: If your washing machine has a spray rinse cycle, let this cycle complete. Manually advancing the timer and interfering with this cycle can cause it to go on for too long which can cause an overflow.

Leaks in the back of a toploading washing machine can be caused by the following:

  • Manufacturer’s drain plug: New top-loading washing machines have a manufacturer’s drain plug that must be removed before the drain hose is installed. If you have not removed this plug, get a bucket of water ready to catch excess water and remove it.
  • Unsecured drain hose: If the drain hose is not securely connected, this can cause a leak. Check the connection of the drain hose.  If it is properly connected and still leaking, this could mean there is a clog in the hose.
  • Loose fill hose connection: Fill hoses need to be connected tightly to the back of the washer using rubber washers to keep them in place. If you do not use rubber washers, leaks are more likely to occur.  Shut off the water supply and remove the fill hoses and check the rubber washers.  Replace the washers if they are in poor condition.  If leaks from the fill hoses still occur after replacing the washers and connecting the hoses tightly, there may be a hole in the hoses causing a leak.  In this case, you need to replace the hoses.

Leaks under toploading washers can be caused by the following:

  • Hole in water pump: Leaks under a top-loading washer are usually caused by a hole in the water pump. In this case, the water pump needs to be replaced right away or water will get to the motor and cause motor failure.

Front-Load Washing Machines

Leaks in the front of front-loading washing machines can be caused by the following:

  • Dirty door seal: Soap, soil, and other debris in the door seal can cause a leak. Make sure you clean the gasket and check for debris or damage to the seal.
  • Door not closing: If the door does not close properly, water will leak out. You can adjust the alignment by loosening or tightening the hinges.

Leaks in the back of a frontloading washing machine can be caused by the following:

  • Drain hoses and fill hoses: The same problems with drain hoses and fill hoses discussed above with top-loading washers can also cause leaks with front-loading washing machines. Follow the tips above if you have a problem with these hoses.
  • Overflow: An overflow from using too much detergent can cause a leak in the overflow area in the back of the machine.

Leaks under a frontloading washer can be caused by the following:

  • Drum leaks: Front-loading washers have an inner and outer drum that can leak if there is a problem with the seams.

Water Damage Cleanup for Washing Machine Leaks

Washing machines use an average of 19 gallons of water per load which means that a leak can cause a lot of water to get into the surrounding area.  A significant leak can cause damage to the walls, flooring, and materials surrounding the washer which can lead to structural damage and mold growth.  This is why you need to take action immediately once you discover that your washing machine is leaking.

At ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration, we provide comprehensive water damage restoration no matter the scenario.  Our professionals will remove water that leaked from your washing machine and restore the damage to the surrounding materials.  We can also remove mold growth that has formed in the affected areas.

Our water damage restoration services consist of the following steps:

  • Stop the spread of the leaking water
  • Remove the water and set up drying equipment to dry the affected area
  • Repair and restore damaged materials
  • Remove mold growth

Call ServiceMaster Fire & Water Restoration for Water Damage Restoration

If there is a leak coming from your washing machine, you need to do what you can to stop the leak and call our professionals for water damage restoration.  Our technicians will ensure that the affected area is dried and restored to prevent additional damage and mold.  We are available 24 hours a day at (303) 791-6000 for leaking washing machine water damage restoration in Denver, CO.

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