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Why You Should Hire Professionals To Clean Suicide Scenes

Why You Should Hire Professionals to Clean Suicide Scenes

Few things can be more traumatic than to discover the suicide of a loved one. It can be very overwhelming when you discover the scene but knowing how to react in this situation is important for your safety. While some might think to start cleaning up blood right away to prevent stains and odors, this is actually the last thing you should be doing.

Areas of the home or building affected by suicides are highly contaminated with bacteria, viruses and other pathogens from blood, tissue, and biohazardous materials. This cleanup job must be handled by a team of licensed professionals as they follow all OSHA, state, and local guidelines to do it properly. This way, you will also have more time to communicate with your family and friends regarding the event and not have to worry about the cleanup job.

Here’s a list of six reasons why you should hire professionals to clean suicide scenes.

  1. Why You Should Hire Professionals to Clean Suicide Scenes
    Any personal attempt to clean up remains of a suicide, can trigger stress and painful emotions

    It’s a Big Mess

During suicides, blood and bodily fluids will quickly become absorbed within the walls and floors of the home or building. The damage can also become permanent when not treated with the right products.

In addition to the remains, any forensics chemicals applied during the investigation by the authorities can also damage the area. Chemicals such as these will need professional products and techniques to fully remove from the building materials and furnishings. When calling a team of technicians to clean up these stains, they will respond right away to restore the area to its original condition.

  1. Government and Legal Protocols and Regulations Must Be Followed

Following suicide cleanups and other accidents, biohazard cleanup is subject to a legal process. All suicides must be reported to law enforcement and they must approve the cleanup of the property. It can also be difficult to deal with these regulations and protocols as they are extensive. You can also face heavy legal fees and complications if the cleanup job isn’t handled by a certified professional. This is certainly the last thing you want to deal with when handling a suicide in the family.

When working with a professional biohazard cleanup company, they follow all government and legal protocols, including OSHA guidelines as they are certified to do so, so you won’t have to deal with any legal issues.

  1. It’s Stressful

When dealing with a suicide and the emotional trauma from it all, the last thing you want to think about is having to clean it up. As soon as you find it, you simply can’t just call a professional to clean it up; law enforcement must also be contacted so they can start an investigation.

But if any attempt is made to clean up the remains of the suicide, the process can trigger some heavy emotions and painful memories and thoughts, making the work that much more stressful. Handling funeral arrangements and communicating with friends and family is already enough, which is why the cleanup job is best left to a team of professionals.

  1. Saves Time and Effort

When encountering a scene filled with biohazard materials, the cleanup job is not quick. And there’s a lot to handle in a short amount of time between the suicide and the funeral. Did you know the average biohazard cleanup job can take anywhere between six and seven hours to finish? Also consider the fact that these professionals are trained and efficient in their work, so imagine how long it might take you to finish an extensive cleanup job like this?

Factor in coordinating legal and family matters and the work is simply overwhelming. But when working with a team of professionals, they can take a big load off your hands so you can focus on legal and personal matters.

  1. Suicide Cleanup Job Requires Professional Cleaning Products
    Professional biohazard cleanup companies always use eco-friendly cleaning products

    The Cleanup Job Requires Professional Cleaning Products

After a suicide, there’s a ton of blood and bodily fluids left behind that can easily stain the surrounding walls, floors, carpeting and furnishings. But if one is not using the right cleaning products they will only be smeared further into the affected areas, causing the stains to become permanent. This can result in having to replace the affected surfaces as blood stains simply can’t be left alone.

This is why professional biohazard cleanup companies always use EPA-approved, eco-friendly cleaning products that are designed to remove stains from biohazard materials. They also follow all protocols from OSHA to return the affected areas to a safe and clean environment again.

  1. It’s Dangerous

As mentioned previously, the biggest reason why a biohazard cleanup job should always be left to the professionals is that it’s dangerous. Homes and buildings affected by suicides are often filled with a number of bacteria, pathogens and viruses that will quickly spread disease and illness if not handled properly.

When the biohazard cleanup technicians handle these jobs, they always wear PPE, as required by state law, for their own safety. Professional disinfectants and cleaners are also used to disinfect the areas stained by the blood and bodily fluids. These technicians take steps to prevent cross contamination, such as not walking throughout the clean areas of the home or building with the contaminated PPE. Finally, any lingering biohazard odors will be removed using powerful deodorizing technology.

Suicide Cleanup Services

For those living in the Denver, CO area, the professionals at ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration understand the trauma involved in a suicide, which is why we provide suicide cleanup services for families. As we have years of experience in handling these jobs, we take a compassionate approach to the situation, arriving in unmarked vehicles and working efficiently to restore the affected area to a safe and healthy living condition.

Our team is fully certified and follows all government protocols, using professional cleaning products and methods to remove all biohazard materials and disinfect the area. Any strong odors will also be removed using our advanced deodorizing machines, including ozone and hydroxyl technology.

Finally, we will work with you and law enforcement to avoid disturbing any evidence or investigations.

Available 24/7

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (303) 791-6000 for professional suicide cleanup services in the Denver, CO area if you discover the suicide of a loved one.

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