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The Dangers Of Bloodborne Pathogens: Why A Professional Should Clean Up Blood

The Dangers of Bloodborne Pathogens: Why a Professional Should Clean Up Blood

It’s certainly unsightly and overwhelming to witness a violent crime, accident or suicide on your property. The first step to take in this situation is to call 911, but unfortunately, they won’t be responsible for cleaning up the mess; this is up to you as the property owner.

While blood and bodily fluids will certainly stain building materials and furnishings if not cleaned up properly, it’s never a good idea to handle the cleanup yourself for many reasons. The biggest being the dangers of the job as blood and bodily fluids may contain dangerous pathogens. A biohazard cleanup service should be called right away to handle the cleanup process.

Below are the reasons why a professional should clean up blood.

  1. The Job is Dangerous
    Professional biohazard and trauma cleaning services in Denver, CO and surrounding areas
    Always assume the blood may be infected with a dangerous disease like HIV, Hepatitis B or C

The biggest reason to leave a blood cleanup job to the professionals is that it’s incredibly dangerous. Blood and bodily fluids are filled with bacteria, viruses and pathogens that can easily contribute to disease and infection when not handled properly.

A professional blood cleanup service uses specialized products specifically manufactured to remove blood stains and prevent permanent damage. They also wear personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves throughout the process, containing the bio-chemicals within the affected area.

  1. It’s Messy

Even if it may not look like much at first, biohazard and trauma cleanup is a very involved and messy job. Most cleaning processes will take between 6 – 7 hours to clean up properly. If you take any shortcuts, some blood can be left behind which can lead to permanent staining and any remaining bacteria will still be dangerous for everyone in the home or building.

A professional cleanup service is trained, experienced, and licensed to handle the job properly, following all government regulations and protocols to fully restore a safe environment.

  1. Minimize Property Damage

When blood and bodily fluids inhabit a home or building, they must be cleaned up quickly or the damage can become permanent. Then all affected building materials will need to be replaced, which can be quite costly and most likely not be covered by insurance.

Contacting a biohazard cleanup company right away will limit the extent of the damage and they can also remove any lingering odors.

  1. It’s Overwhelming and Stressful

If the blood cleanup involves a loved one, the process can be tough, if not overwhelming, to handle. Cleaning up blood yourself can take an emotional toll, even if you have a strong stomach.

Instead of enduring the emotional pain of cleaning up the mess, a biohazard cleanup service can save you the effort. They will also work with compassion and respect towards grieving families.

  1. It Takes a Long Time
    Blood or other bodily fluids can harden quickly, making it much more difficult to clean

As mentioned previously, biohazard cleanup jobs can take between 6 – 7 hours to finish. If you’re in charge of coordinating the funeral details and other events, the cleanup job can take a lot out of your day.

It’s also hard work. Getting on your hands and knees with cleaning products, scrubbing the walls, floors and even ceiling all day is strenuous. There’s a lot of physical labor involved in the cleaning process.

But when working with a professional cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about this process. You can focus on personal and family matters and also have the peace of mind knowing the cleanup will be handled properly.

  1. Using the Wrong Products

Aside from the dangers of the job, anyone attempting to clean up blood and biohazards with home disinfectants and cleaning products will not be restoring the area properly. These messes require the use of specific cleaning agents and equipment as well as a process to fully remove all biohazards, blood, and bacteria.

When working with the professionals, these experts are trained, licensed, and insured for your protection and peace of mind. Their cleaning products and equipment are specifically designed to clean up blood and restore the affected areas.

  1. Protocols and Regulations Must be Followed

Many states and local jurisdictions will have protocols and regulations when cleaning up blood, accidents, and trauma scenes. Unless you are a certified professional, you may face a fine or other penalty for not following proper protocol.

A professional blood cleanup service is certainly aware of these regulations and follow them every time. They will help to prevent any legal issues following a crime or trauma scene so you can spend more time focusing on personal matters.

Work with a Blood Cleanup Service

Cleaning up any amount of blood, tissue, or other bodily fluid yourself is simply not worth the time, effort, emotional toll and of course, risk to your personal safety. There’s a lot of work involved, and you certainly won’t want to think about how the accident or crime happened or how your loved one was involved.

This is why it’s always recommended for a blood and biohazard cleanup professional to handle the process, using specific products and services as well as following proper protocols to prevent any legal complications.

For home and business owners living in the Denver, CO area, ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration is available 24/7 to handle the job. We will respond right away to your first call, arrive in unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy, contain the damage within the affected area, and restore it using professional products and equipment.

Our professionals will work with law enforcement in the event of a crime scene to avoid compromising an investigation. We also work with compassion and respect towards grieving families, minimizing any disruptions while working efficiently and quietly to restore the area.

Available 24/7

Don’t hesitate to contact ServiceMaster Fire and Water Restoration at (303) 791-6000 for emergency biohazard and trauma cleanup services if your property in the Denver, CO area was involved in a traumatic accident or crime.

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